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Missing Pet Network

What to do if your pet is missing

Lost or Found a dog??

AKC Companion Animal Recovery

Check for Yahoo Groups that might exist for lost dogs in your area -

To help your pet be reunited with you in the event that it is lost or stolen:

In addition to visible identification tags and collar you may wish to have your dog microchipped.  It is a simple, inexpensive way to be sure your dog has unique ID that cannot be lost or removed.  The local veterinarians & animal shelters can provide more information on microchipping.

Register your microchipped pet with AKC Companion Animal Rescue or another recovery foundation suggested by the microchipping agent.  Be sure to give your vets the microchip number for each of your animals.  Most vets and shelters scan for chips if they treat an unidentified animal.

Spay/Neuter your pet!  This can help prevent your pet from wandering.

Try to overcome any fears your dog may have by training and socializing them.  Frequently, lost dogs are a result of spooking to a loud, unexpected noise or event.

KEEP SEARCHING!  Many dogs are reunited with their family MONTHS after they are lost.  It can take some time and perseverance pays off!

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