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Claudia Sihler
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PlayN Fun - Doggy Daycare OPEN!

Too much going on?
Would like your dog as tired as you in the evening?
Mondays through Thursdays from 7 a.m. – 6 p.m
Reservation required

Bring your dog to our daycare 1-2x/week! While you're at work, run errands in town, have hand workers at your home … Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays for large breeds and rambunctious dogs Wednesdays for medium size dogs. Calmer dogs can be larger.

Regine Dog Training Facility now offers daycare for your dog Mondays - Thursdays. The dogs play in our indoor exercise arena and are under constant supervision. They'll have access to a fully enclosed elimination area. Weather and dogs permitting, we might even take them outside on the fenced field for part of the day.

In July 2013 we joined The Dog Gurus community!  We are excited to be part of a membership group that is focused on raising the bar of safety in off-leash dog play.  Community members have exclusive first access to new tools and resources developed by The Dog Gurus.  Know your dog’s care is in the hands of professionals with a commitment to ongoing learning and access to the latest industry trends.  The Dog Gurus are the pet care industry leaders in the creation of resources with the goal of keeping all dogs safe.

What happens at DDC:

You drop off your dog at the training center, where it will be together in a group with other dogs to play, socialize and have fun. You’ll have time to get things done without your dog, and when you pick up your dog later that day, he’s already exercised. A tired dog is a good dog!

Which dogs benefit from daycare:

  1. Activity: Puppies and adult dogs with high energy levels, like Retrievers, Shepherds, Terriers of all sizes …, that can’t be exercised enough otherwise, or have to be kept on leash at all times.

  2. Socialization: The neighborhood can be full of dogs, but can they meet to play? Do you know the other dogs are current on their shots? Some neighborhoods can’t even be walked because of roaming dogs with unknown character. Give your dog the chance to meet with other dogs in a safe way and environment. Even dogs from a multidog-household benefit from regular visiting with other dogs away from home.

  3. Confidence: Is your dog very clingy around you and/or hardly left alone? Help your dog becoming more confident when away from you by showing him how much fun it can be. This can also help in preparing your dog for being boarded while you’re gone.

  4. Dogs that can’t be picked up by 4:30 - 5 p.m. need to be okay with being kenneled after that until pick-up. We have on most daycare days classes starting at 5 p.m. and need to clear out the arena for that.


  1. We take only dog- and people-friendly dogs. You can bring your dog to our Open Play Times first to proof it.
  2. Current on Rabies, 5-way (Parvo/Distemper), Bordetella and worm status (contact us for specifics)
  3. Reservations only, please call us at least one business day ahead; for refund: 24hr cancellation required


Full day:
Half day:
     (1-4 hrs): $31

Punch cards:

Full Days:
     Single-dog household:
          $185 for 5 visits
Half Days:
     Single-dog household :
         $135 for 5 times

Punch Card for 10 visits: full days:
         $345; half days: not available



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