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When you check the calendar below for upcoming classes, please keep in mind that all classes are held once a week.

So, to find a class and its starting date; look for the correct abbreviation, e.g. FC for Foundation Class, then follow the calendar vertically up (for current classes) or down (for upcoming classes) to find the day that shows “START CLASSES”. You’ll find the class abbreviation, in the example of the FC showing “FC” and the time of the class. The calendar also shows the end of the classes, when you follow your class vertically down until you see “END CLASSES”.

To find out the fees for the class you’re interested in, please visit the pricing page.
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Paws School Sports Activities
P1 - Puppy 1 PreSchool AgP - Agility Puppy
P2 - Puppy 2 Kindergarten AgB - Agility Beginner
FC - Foundation Class AgSk - Agility Skills
GS - Grade School AgSeq - Agility Sequencing
JH - Junior High AgTr - Agility Trialing Practice
CGC - Canine Good Citizen® Prep School  
BA – Canine Life And Social Skills (Bachelor’s degree) FB-C - Flyball / FB-P - Flyball Practice
MA – Canine Life And Social Skills (Master’s degree) TB-Beg - Treibball Beginner
  TB-IM - Treibball Intermediate
RC - Rally College(for JH & ES grads) TB-P - Treibball Practice (for TB-IM grads)
RP – Rally Advanced Practice(for RC grads) FS-B – Freestyle I
  FS-II – Freestyle II (for FS-B grads)
TD-B - Trick Dog-Beginner FS-P – Freestyle Practice (for FS-II grads)
TD-Int - Trick Dog-Intermediate NW-Beg - K9 Nose Work® Beginners
OPT - Open Play Time NW-Odor - K9 Nose Work® Intro to Odor
  NW-Elem – K9 Nose Work® Elements (for Odor grads)
  NW-P - K9 Nose Work Practice (for Elements grads)
For complete course descriptions - Sports Activities |  Paws School
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