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Even More Happy Tales

We are pleased to report our classes have been a huge success!
Here are more of our happy tales -

The greatest benefit I derived from the classes was learning positive reinforcement. All exercises were interesting. Maybe she just grew up, but my dog now listens to me!
Barbara - April 2004

It was great to learn how to care better for my dog Tessa. I liked teaching Tessa to do what she is told. The part about the grooming was very interesting. I enjoyed the whole class very much.
Diana Luff, Tessa - April 2004

The greatest benefits were learning the best way to handle our dog Trixie and the basic obedience. We like the instructor's ability to relate to each dog, and how the instructor spent time with individual dogs. The most interesting exercise was exchanging the dogs with the other people in class.
Hannah & Joy, Trixie - April 2004

The greatest benefit I derived from the class was understanding the dog's behavior. I liked working with the dogs and other people and their dogs. My dog Burton loves coming to class to see his new friends and to learn new things.
Lisa Sindorf, Burton - April 2004

The greatest benefit I derived from the agility classes, was the exposure to all agility equipment and to the other dogs (ie similar to a trial where people and dogs are all around). I liked the small class size which enabled good individual attention and lots of practice. The most interesting exercise was the targeting for weave "drive" and use of the leash with the dog ahead of me. Ekho improved her "socialization skills" and attention to instruction from me. She loves the equipment almost too much and gets super excited with the tunnel, running all over after going through it! This was the most fun beginner's agility class I have ever taken (I've taken 3 total, all at different training facilities). The suggestions for home training were good.
Lisa Kreft, Ekho - April 2004

The class helped me to better understand motivation and reinforcement. I like the very positive way of training. The most interesting part was the puppy play time, and I'm glad my dog got exposure to smaller dogs and isn't so rough with them.
Lisa Simon and Opal, Puppy 1 Class - April 2004

The greatest benefit was working around and socializing with other dogs. I like the positive reinforcement techniques. The most interesting part were all the training techniques for the sit/ stand/ down/ and the recall. This is a good experience, especially for new dog owners.
Bob Schmidt and Cobalt, Puppy 1 Class - April 2004

The greatest benefit I derived from these classes was learning how my behavior "trains" my dog. I like the whole training program, and enjoyed mostly the play time.
Julie Martin and Dasher, Puppy 1 Class - April 2004

The greatest benefit from the class was being able to learn the submissive pose for my dog. I like the fact that the dogs will be like Claudia's dog Sally. The most interesting exercise was learning the teeth exam. I'm happy that we (my dog and me) now are able to understand each other better.
Adam Dittman, Puppy 1 Class - April 2004

The greatest benefit from the class is that I learned how to be a better teacher to my dog, and she listens to me better now. I liked most that I learned different training skills but also I had fun every class. Every exercise every week was interesting to me, because my dog Wahine and I needed help. Wahine loves these classes. At the first time I tried to put on the Gentle LeaderT, she wouldn't keep still. Then every week she'd been waiting there for me to put it on because she knew we were going to the class. She's a very hyper dog, but she has learned to calm down in these classes. She has more training to do but I've seen improvements in her.
Cyndie and Wahine, Adolescent Preschool Class - April 2004

 The greatest benefit I derived from the classes is a well behaved dog despite distractions. I liked the whole training program, and the most interesting exercise was the heeling with motivation. My "happy tale" is about the recall: I think we almost have 100%. We have improved so much since we started taking classes with The Better Companion. Thank you for all of your help!
Julie and Cassie, Adult Elementary Class - April 2004

The Better Companion uses a training method that works excellent. I like the humor in practical applications and the individual attention as needed. A very interesting exercise is the "Puppy push-ups".
Ted Tansill and Sam, Adolescent Preschool Class - May 2004

It was great to learn the use of positive behavior training with The Better Companion. I like most watching the weekly progress and improvement of my dog. The most interesting exercise was the "Let's go home". My dog Bear still has a lot to learn but has made great strides in losing some of his stubbornness. It was a great addition to our bonding time.
Donna and Bear, Adolescent Preschool Class - private lessons


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