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K9 Freestyle is a choreographed performance with music, showing off not only the training, but the joyful relationship a dog and handler team can have together. We teach the ‘building blocks’ of a fun Freestyle routine in our Beginner Freestyle I class. This includes such things as spin, turn-away, weave (through handler’s leg or around a pole, etc.), side-step, bow … your imagination is the limit! Then we put it all to music – and you are dancing with your dog!

Your dog will need a foundation in basic obedience before starting a Freestyle course. It is important that they already have a good Heel and Sit (preferably off leash)… and other obedience cues such as Watch Me, Stay and a Return to Finish are helpful. All of these (and more) will be incorporated into the Freestyle training at the Beginner level.

By the end of your first six-week course, you might be waltzing across the room with your dog, both of you spinning and turning together to the beat of the music. Small to medium size dogs could be weaving through your legs as you move. Larger dogs can learn to duck under a raised leg, circle an umbrella or spin around your body. We’ve seen Great Danes and Dachshunds doing great K9 Freestyle routines! Check them out on YouTube!

Our Intermediate Freestyle II class will take all you’ve learned in Beginner Freestyle I and (really!) put it to music! Start building your own routine, using the skills (and some tricks) you developed in the beginner class. Add fun to your routine with your dog dancing on its hind legs, playing peek-a-boo from between your legs, and bowing or rolling over to finish off with a bang!

Our Freestyle (Beginner or Intermediate) classes are all six weeks. Prerequisite for Beginner Freestyle class is a minimum of one Puppy or Foundation class, but you may find that having taken Elementary School will be really helpful.

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