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Claudia Sihler
Phone (907) 357-2521

1400 Regine Ave
Wasilla, Alaska  99654

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Reserving your spot in the class:

Classes fill quickly so to be assured of a spot in a class send your payment as soon as possible. We must receive your payment before your registration is complete. Click Here to register for the class you’d like to join. Follow the prompts and at the end you’ll have the choice to pay online or to pay another way (calling in, mailing a check, stopping by to make a payment …). Read the cancellation policy below to understand how we manage your payment.

Your payment is never lost, even if the class is already full. Your payment will

    1. save you a spot at the class, or

    2.  save you a spot on the waiting list, or

    3. can be carried over to a later class, or

    4. can be fully reimbursed if we couldn’t get you in the class you chose, or

    5. can cause us to open an overflow class

Just as a note: We sometimes get up to three dogs per class moved in from a waiting list before the class even started.

Payment options:

All students: Click here to sign-up for a class and follow the prompts. At the end you’ll have the choice to pay online or to pay another way:

    1. Keep going and pay online through our secure gateway

    2. Call us to pay by phone with a credit card: (907) 357-2521

    3. Mail your check or money order. Make checks out to “The Better Companion” or “BetCo”, mail to: The Better Companion, 1400 Regine Ave, Wasilla, AK 99654

    4. Stop by at the facility and pay with cash, check or credit card – please call to make an appointment and to assure somebody will be there to take your payment. (907) 357-2521

There will be a $10 fee for returned checks.

You’re eligible for the pre-registration discount, if we RECEIVE your payment  NO LATER than two weeks before the class begins. Be sure to use the promo code PRE14 during checkout. Seminars and Workshops might have their own pre-registration deadlines and cancellation policies. Please find that information in the Special Events section, to be aware of any different policies

Second dog discount:
If you sign up two dogs from the same household for the same class, you’ll automatically receive a $20 discount during checkout. Do NOT use the pre-registration promo code from above, as this would delete your multi-dog discount!

Second class discount:
While you’re enrolled in a class, your instructor will give you a promo code to get $20 off certain classes if you sign up for a follow-up obedience class, while you’re still in class! This promo code will expire when your class ends.

To register for one of these classes, CLICK HERE

Cancellation policy:

Class Cancellation:

If we can’t get you into the class you paid for, a full refund can be given for up to 60 days after the payment was made. If you cancel the class you signed up for latest 5 days prior to the class start, we can move your payment to a later or different class for no additional cost or refund your payment.  We will withhold a $10 cancellation fee of the refund.  If you cancel any time after that, it will be too late for us to fill your spot, no refund will be given and you will have to pay again for a later class.  If a class was paid via PayPal or credit card, and the client cancels before the cancellation deadline, but more than 60 days after that payment, an additional 5% will be subtracted from any refund given.  We are sorry for any inconvenience this might cause.

Drop-In Class Cancellation:

If you can’t make it to a class you reserved a spot for, we need your cancellation at least 48 hours in advance, to get enough time to fill your spot. If you cancel on time, (or if the class ended up getting cancelled,) you won’t be charged for that class. If you cancelled too late or not at all, and we couldn’t fill your spot, you will be charged for the class, even though you didn’t show.  In case of a class cancellation by us, we’ll move your reservation as far forward as you want us to, or just cancel it overall, until you make a new reservation.

If we have to cancel due to weather or field conditions, we’ll notify you ASAP, which might be the afternoon of the class day (worst case scenario, it rains three inches right before class). Our means of notification will be email and possibly phone. Then all reservations will be moved forward by one week.  If the class has been moved by one week due to field conditions, and you can’t make that next week, you need to let us know latest 48 hours before that class, to avoid getting marked off.

Questions: please email or call 357-2521 with any questions or for further assistance with your payment.

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If you prefer to send payment by mail send to address below

Mailing Address for Payments:

The Better Companion
Claudia Sihler CPDT-KSA, IAABC-ADT
1400 Regine Ave
Wasilla, Alaska 99654

Phone (907) 357-2521


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