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Claudia Sihler
Phone (907) 357-2521

1400 Regine Ave
Wasilla, Alaska  99654

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Meet Our Staff


Claudia first opened The Better Companion in 2002, using different venues around the Mat-Su Valley to teach group classes. In 2005 she moved the business to her own place, the Regine Dog Training Facility in Wasilla. Since then the team has grown steadily, as did the variety of classes offered. 

Claudia completed veterinary school in Germany, but doesn't have a license to practice veterinary medicine in the U.S. Besides walking and training dogs for other people in Germany, she started to develop her interest in dog behavior and training while working as a veterinarian. 

Now Claudia holds the certification as a Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge and Skills Assessed (CPTD-KSA) , a nationally approved certification that requires re-certifying every three years. She earns her continued education hours by attending workshops, lectures and conferences in Alaska and the lower 48. 

Claudia is married to Frank Sihler, also German, an Iditarod finisher and instructor in paragliding and mounted archery. They have as of 2019 two pet dogs and four horses:

Chinook - Alaskan Husky, *2005 - Iditarod Finisher in 2008
Luce - Alaskan Husky, *2016 - just starting :-)

Gjof - Icelandic mare, *1991 - Competitive Trail Rides
Katla - Icelandic mare, *1993 - Competitive Trail Rides and Mounted Archery
Indy - Icelandic gelding, *2015
Fonix - Icelandic Gelding, *2018

Claudia enjoys off-leash hiking, agility, treibball, nose work, rally and trail riding, among other activities, with her animals. 


Monica has a profound background in animal behaviors and training studying biology, observing behaviors in whales at Sea World, being an expedition member at a South Africa Wildlife Research Project as well as having trained shelter dogs to perform specific tricks/tasks on stage for the public at Sea World and the Columbus Zoo. 

She's also skilled in communicating with people, having trained others to work with the animals, speaking to the public about conservation and having been a senior dog trainer at retail pet stores such as PetCo and PetSmart. 

Monica has two dogs, a Border Collie named Bo, and a Bloodhound named Hank. Bo has already earned her CGC title. She lives with her husband and three little children in Wasilla. 

Monica has been with BetCo since December of 2015 and we're excited to have her on board!


Deb is a long-time dog owner who has trained her own dogs at BetCo (AgilityRally and Nose Work mainly, with some FreestyleTrick Dog, Flyball and even Treibball mixed in) since 2005. Her main interests are Nose Work and Agility and she has trialed dogs successfully in both sports.

Deb became a CNWI™ (Certified Nose Work Instructor) through the NACSW (National Association of Canine Scent Work), obtaining full certification in November 2016. She has been teaching K9 Nose Work® classes at BetCo as an ANWI™ (Associate NW Instructor) and then a CNWI™ since July, 2015.

About her own dogs: Deb's Dachshund, Baxter, started Nose Work classes and practice at BetCo in 2012 and is now trialing at the NW3 level. He's also trialing successfully in Agility and Trick Dog, holding titles now in all three sports. Her Icelandic/Collie-mix, Abby, retired at age 8 from trialing in Agility, has her CGC, worked as a Pet Partner® therapy dog and is now trialing in Nose Work. Since 2010, Abby also works as Deb's medical-alert service dog. Since 2018 Deb has a second Dachshund, Rhonda, who enjoys nose work, barn hunt, agility and traveling with Deb around Alaska! 


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