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Dog Behavior Classes

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We offer the alternative solution for training your pet dog!

The Better Companion helps you learn to train your dog with positive reinforcement/reward using the newest training methods.

This method means less frustration and more fun while learning manners.

Our limited class size (not more than 8 dogs) gives us more one-on-one time helping you to be your dog's teacher.

You will learn how to avoid unintentional rewards for unwanted behavior such as jumping up on people, barking, stealing food, and fearfulness.

Class Features

Gentling - Handling, restraint, building trust & self-confidence
The Unruly Dog - digging, mouthing, jumping up
Destructive behaviors – take your toy, not the shoe!
The Recall – How to teach a reliable ‘Come’
Leadership - Taking charge without being bossy
And many more!!

Classes Offered

Puppy 1 - Preschool (P1)
Puppy 2 - Kindergarten (P2)
Puppy School Package - (P1 & P2 for reduced rate)
Foundation Class (FC)
Grade School (GS)
Junior High School (JS)
C.L.A.S.S. Course (CLASS)

Coming soon:
Grade School and Junior High will replace Elementary School

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We also offer:

Loose Leash Walking private lessons

Private Behavioral Consultations

Agility Classes

Other Dog Sports

Try out this App to supplement your weekly training sessions at The Better Companion with at-home daily guidance! DOGO is a separate program, using the same training philosophy of positive reinforcement training with the clicker. Just a few minutes each day, this App is easy to use and very rewarding! Click on the picture or scan the QR code to sign up with a discounted rate!


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