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Also called the “urban herding sport”, Treibball mimics herding techniques using exercise balls instead of real sheep. Come and learn how to play Treibball with your dog! Treibball is an R+ team sport, that builds communication skills between the dog and handler, and improves attention and off-leash reliability. Dogs of any size can compete and handlers of any capability can participate, which makes it a fun, skill-building activity. Learn more about this sport at

We’ll start with Treibball Beginners, then go to Treibball Intermediate and Advanced. Each class will be 6 weeks long, one hour per week, with 6 dogs maximum. Students can repeat each level to get more fluent on the exercises as often as they want/ need.

In between classes we’ll schedule weekly practices where possible, at different levels. For those practices, you can pay single $30 or purchase our training punch card: $160 for 5+1 visits.

Your dog should love to play chase games, be good off-leash and know some basic cues. A drag leash can be attached for extra control.

The fee is $180 for the 6-week class.

After our Treibball classes, you can join our Treibball Practice group when/if available. Minimum requirement to participate in the practices is graduation from the Treibball Beginner class or equivalent elsewhere.

IN-PERSON TREIBBALL PRACTICES: We periodically offer in-person practices at our facility, where you can sign up and pay for single visits or purchase a BetCo Sports Punch Card for 3 or 6 visits at a discounted price.Contact the office or check out our registration page for any Treibball Practices scheduled or planned. If you can't find a Treibball Practice scheduled, let us know that you are interested and we might add Treibball Practices to the upcoming schedule! 

NEW - ONLINE TREIBBALL PRACTICES: We will give you a challenge to practice with your dog.

There will be a new challenge twice a month, always around the 1st and 15th of the month. The challenge will be sent to participants via email and posted on a private Facebook group. 

You will send in a video for review, either posting it to the private Facebook group or by providing a link to your video.

After 5 months (10 challenges plus one bonus challenge in September), we will send out certificates to every team that completed at least 5 (Bronze), 7 (Silver) or 9 (Gold) of the challenges.

Fees and payment options: 

Complete Challenge Fee: $125
To pay for the complete challenge, please Contact the office.

Treibball Challenge Full Fee

Subscription Fee: $29/month - 5 times or until you cancel. 
For the monthly subscription, SIGN UP here. 

If the SIGN UP button isn't working, then this service is not available at the moment. Let us know that you are interested and we might activate it again! 

Check our class schedule and sign up now!


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