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The greatest benefit from the class was making our puppy fit into our family with greater ease. I liked everything of the training program. It was very interesting to learn how easily dogs are reinforced even when this is not the intent. Gromet is becoming such a valued member of our household. Kids are really learning about how to help him have fun without difficulties like biting.
Laurie and Gromet, Puppy 1 Class June 2004

The greatest benefit we derived from the class was, to improve our communication skills with our dog. We like the organization and the tactful manners of the instructor. The most interesting exercise was the dog “push-ups”.
Ken & Maria Cunningham and Angus, Adolescent Preschool Class - August 2004
It was great to see Lucy becoming less shy through the classes. I liked most the socialization and playtime. The most interesting exercise was the dog “push-ups”. We still have work to do for Lucy to be happy around other people and dogs, but she's already better now.
Terry and Lucy, Puppy 1 Class - August 2004
The greatest benefits from these classes were the socialization for Patch with other dogs and other people, and the written material to follow-up with at home. I liked most the instructor's patience and willingness to work on individual problems, and helping owners to learn better training methods. The most interesting exercises were the games like “push-ups”, timed downs, and the recalls. Patch has made at least one new “friend”in every class he's been in (sometimes more). I love watching how happily he plays with other dogs during free play. I just wish there had been more dogs his size in the class, and less rough play.
Deb and Patch, Adolescent Preschool Class - Aug 2004
(note from the instructor: Patch was the youngest and smallest of the class, medium sized and still probably 20# less than the next bigger dog. He enjoyed “one-on-one play”, when we restricted the others from joining the “hunt”)
The greatest benefits from these classes are to have more knowledge about what works and what doesn't work in training, a deeper appreciation of dog behavior and for our dog Riza: greater self-confidence! We liked the interactive games with the dogs and with the class. There were many fun and interesting exercises, but we particularly liked the ones that we did with other dogs and people. Riza is much better behaved, has a greater self-confidence, and the genuine desire to learn together with humans!
Dawn & Alyeska & Riza, Adolescent Preschool Class
August 2004
The greatest benefit from this class was learning how to get my dog to focus her attention on me. Claudia made it very easy to understand everything she taught. I liked watching Kitty's progress in the “extended sit”. When we started the class, I had to have ahold of Kitty's collar for going even the shortest distance. With the techniques I learned in this class, I can now get Kitty from her outside lead to the house without her running away.
Julie and Kitty, Adolescent Preschool Class - June 2004
I was able to bond with my puppy that had previously bonded more to my older dog. I like the pace of the class –we didn't have to learn everything all at once, but worked up to things. The most interesting exercise was teaching my dog to catch treats so I can get her to sit from a down. Sadie was abandoned when it was minus 30F. When she was found, she was timid and sad. Now she is healthy and with more socialization is very happy. She still barks at new dogs, but she quickly begins to play.
Cara and Sadie, Adolescent Preschool Class - June 2004
It was great to see the benefits of positive training and positive reinforcement. The training was easy going, with a positive learning environment. The most interesting exercise was the handling of the dog gently over to their side. Piper's eyes light up just being able to interact with others!
David & Traci Neel and Piper, Adolescent Preschool Class
June 2004
The greatest benefit for me was to get a disciplined dog. I enjoyed seeing Clohe's interaction with other dogs. It was most interesting to teach the different commands. Now Clohe knows, “if I obey the command, I get rewarded!”
Susan Hughes and Clohe, Puppy 1 Class - June 2004

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