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More Happy TalesNew Training Facility!

We are pleased to report our classes have been a huge success!
Here are some of our happy tales - 

The greatest benefit is the bonding with my dog, one-on-one without my other dogs interfering. I discovered Chance is quick to learn.... It was difficult to get Chance to “watch”without using my hand towards the face, also the “leave it”was difficult. I like the positive reinforcement with no scolding and the calming exercises. An interesting aspect was to go two steps back when the dog pulls on the leash, before going forward again. I think overall the course was excellent, very fun and we learned a lot!
Mary and Chance, Adolescent Preschool graduate

We learned several new commands at the classes, the most difficult being the Stand/Stay. The classes are very organized and I like the learning environment and the small number of people in class. It's great to make the training fun while also being very effective. The course is excellent, thanks Claudia for your help!
John and Canuck, Adult Middle School graduate

It was very interesting to observe the dogs' progression each week –all dogs, not just mine. The greatest benefit from the classes was to gain more control over my dog's behavior.
Joe and Buddy, Adult Middle School graduate

The greatest benefit although the most difficult exercise for me and my dog was the off-leash work . I like the tons of tricks and ideas, the variations and multiple tasks –the dogs have no time to get bored. And even off-leash there were no “zoomies”at this excellent class.
Julie Schrecengost and Cassie, Adult Middle School graduate

The classes gave me great tips on encouraging my dog to behave –which helps me being patient! The most difficult exercise was keeping his attention during class –Huck gets so excited he tunes out. The class teaches kind and positive ways to help my dog do his best. I loved watching him socialize with other pups and people, and the very sensible tips. The course was excellent! Happy tale from home: Huck was off leash and spotted one of the cats. He went to bplt after him and I yelled his name loudly and he stopped in his tracks! Then I yelled, “kennel up!”and he ran right into his pen and sat down. Crisis averted! I was so proud of him!! It is a huge step for him to focus when he's excited.
LoriAnn and Huckleberry

The greatest benefit from these classes is the teaching through positive reinforcement. The most difficult exercise for us was the down. I like the small classes and again the positive techniques. The course is excellent and I love the play sessions for the dogs.
Teresa and Nina

I feel the greatest benefit from the classes is the enhanced relationship with my dog. Classes and homework give us the different exercises and time together to build on our relationship. I could see that teaching and mastering the basics is a major stair-step not only to further training but also to behavior modification and correction of unacceptable behavior. Any exercise with distractions was very difficult. Training at home has a low level of distraction and I find those are hard to build in at home. I appreciated the good background and reasoning given for the way an exercise needs to be approached –taught –and the individual attention given when needed. The course is overall excellent.
Liz Carryer and Jasper


The classes trained us, the owners how to get Sage's attention. The standing for a prolonged time was the most difficult exercise. We like most about the training program to see the results! After this excellent course, we have improved on the motivation to keep Sage's attention. We're getting better! ;-) I was impressed with how well the command ‘watch' works with Sage. Too bad it's only one hour per week.
Maija + Roy Fritts and Sage

The classes helped me having well behaved dogs at home with almost no negative communication. It's very difficult to have Romeo paying attention to me in class. It's great to learn how to get my dogs to want to obey me. Romeo now almost never pulls me while on leash, and he used to be so hard to control. The class is excellent.
Susan and Romeo

It was great to learn how I can train my dogs successfully. The training program has lots of benefits I had already learned with Romeo, now I additionally enjoy socializing my new puppy with other dogs.
Susan and Lucy

The greatest benefit from the classes is Milo being a pleasant family member. It was difficult to keep Milo in a stand stay and to have him obey without treats. We greatly enjoyed the puppy playtime, and it's my favorite joy to socialize Milo with other puppies. Such a wonderful change from previous dogs who were more isolated as pups and would subsequently try to kill any other animal they met! With Claudia's class, Milo has learned to successfully interact with many different personality dogs. I can bring him along with me places and not worry about a fight or liability of other pets getting hurt.

Rosie and I greatly benefited from learning discipline without raised voice and from socializing. The most difficult exercise for us was not jumping up when greeting. I like most the positive reinforcement used at the class. Rosie was able to socialize with people and other dogs in a controlled setting. She seemed happy to be there and to please. The teaching was informative and Claudia obviously loves pets/ animals, which makes her a great dog trainer. I would love the class time being more than the one hour!
Gabe Kitter and Rosie

China walks much better on a leash, and it was a good socialization opportunity. Overall, her behavior is much improved. The most difficult exercise was the ‘watch me' when there were distractions. I like the small size and individual attention! The class taught practical, everyday behaviors like ‘come' and ‘leave it'. The course was excellent.
“I walk much better on a leash and I respond better to verbal commands. My owner is much happier and now I can go on to agility classes!

To know that with repetition and praise my dog will do anything is a great benefit I derived from the class. The most difficult exercise for me and my dog was the "Stand".; I like best about the training program is that there's no scolding, yelling, pulling, etc., only; all positives; -; you don't leave frustrated.; This course is excellent!!
Kenna Loyer and "Jimmy"

Claudia is a wonderful and positive instructor. I have seen incredible results both in my own dog and other dogs who were extremely wild in just a few weeks of taking Claudia's classes. We had a dog with the "zoomies" who had a tendency to run off and herd other dogs. Claudia was able to help us "correct" this problem in just a few weeks using positive training methods.

All classes are incredibly organized, have weekly features, homework sheets, etc. Certain topics are modified to adapt to dogs with different learning abilities and for handlers facing different challenges. Class sizes are small and this allows individual attention for each participant at each class.

Claudia is also always available for questions and extra assistance via phone, e-mail, after class, etc and is always willing to make the time. She goes above and beyond as an instructor for both obedience and agility. I would highly recommend classes to anybody and everybody.

Julie Schrecengost & Cassie

I had heard several success stories from Claudia's classes and private consultations.; So, when my new puppy Rita didn't seem to tolerate handling by strangers, I enrolled in; Claudia's puppy classes.; She taught me a "gentling" exercise which uses positive methods to teach any dog to trust and have self-confidence at the same time,; It even worked with my older dogs.; By the last class session Rita was much more tolerant of handling and played happily with the other puppies.;

I have taught nearly 100 puppy classes of my own graduating many puppies.; I've had dozens of pups in my home as well as trained several dog for competition and therapy.; I learned several new things from Claudia and appreciate her balanced and professional approach.; I fully intend to take more classes from Claudia.

Lynn Tatro* & Rita - July 2003

*The Better Companion's 100th Student; (Rita sez "Thank you!" for the dried liver treats Claudia.)

I have had 2 dogs in Claudia's agility classes.  Tess who is a chow/Terv mix, needs a focus for her energy. She is frequently over looked at home because we have primarily sled dogs. This summer I decided Tess and I needed something to do together to reward her for being such a wonderful companion. Tess has found her niche in advanced agility and has me hooked trying to be the handler that this athletic 8 year old gal deserves.

Pearl is different situation. She is perhaps the fastest dog in my sled dog team. However, she lacked confidence, focus, and trust in me to perform 100%. I entered her in beginning agility hoping that being positively challenged and rewarded for her accomplishments could help her gain that needed confidence. As classes proceeded, Claudia had to modify some of her regular structure to help this shy girl accomplish our goals. Pearl loved doing much of the equipment and as classes progressed I could tell she became more and more sure of herself. Pearl's graduation and my reward was Sunday morning when I took a 10 dog team out on a run with the 4-wheeler and a wagging and confident Pearl was in lead.

Thanks Claudia for your help and patience adapting to both these gals needs!

Jamie West
Claudia's behavior/dog obedience classes have really meet a need here in the valley. Her classes are designed for the average person looking for some professional guidance on how to train/manage their average dog. Moses and I started our first class when he was 10 weeks old.  At 6 months
he began showing alpha male traits and too much aggression for a young dog. He had a lot of energy and wanted to call all the shots.  It got to the point I thought I might have t to get rid of him because I could never trust  him; he seemed to be too strong of an alpha male.  My husband and I really loved him and wanted to make it work.

He had a very rocky start, but I saw something loveable in him and was determined to try and turn him in to a dog I could trust and take with me in public.  Thanks to a lot of help from classes and consultations with Claudia, we've turned the corner and he is 14months old now.  Moses and I are on our 5th obedience class and we've had one agility class which, to Moses was like being at a doggie amusement park!

I can tell you from first hand experience, there are no quick fixes though if you want a well behaved, reliable dog. It takes a real commitment on the owner's part. A single class or a single private consultation won't do it. If you want to see real changes you need to take numerous classes and work  with your dog daily.  But in the end the results are worth it.  Moses has really benefited from the structured class environment and exposure to other dogs.  He has been exposed to so many dogs, he now sees them all as potential playmates instead of a threat he has to take on.  It is also quite empowering and rewarding to see the process you've made in changing the dog's behavior for the better.

Moses and I are going to keep taking Claudia's classes.  He really enjoys them and I am learning the fundamentall behavior modification skills that will help Moses to become an even better companion and family member in the years to come.


I enjoyed the 1-on-1 time with my dog. The most difficult exercise for me was to have Buster walk without pulling on the leash. I liked having him sit and lay down without snacks. The course with The Better Companion is really good.
Greg Lawalter and 'Buster
;It was great to learn a proper way to get results. The most difficult part for Sport was the distraction. I liked the easy-to-understand training program. The course is excellent. My dog started puppy school at 5 years of age and made a huge difference after one course. You CAN teach old dogs new tricks!

Cindy Nielsen and Sport


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