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Pet Partners Therapy Dog program

What is  that?

The Pet Partners Therapy Dog program is a part of the Delta Society organization. This program trains volunteers and screens volunteers and their pets for visiting animal programs in hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, schools and other facilities.

Benefits of becoming a registered Pet Partners team

  • Delta Society membership and Interactions magazine, which includes a section for Pet Partners.
  • $1 million primary liability insurance when volunteering.
  • Identification badge for handler and collar tag for animal.
  • Referral to facilities searching for Pet Partners teams.
  • Exclusive offers on Pet Partners accessories.
  • Opportunity to network with other Pet Partners teams.
  • Access to licensed Evaluators and Instructors as local resources.
  • Support from the Delta Society office.
  • You will also have the satisfaction of helping people in need in your own community!

There are four steps to become a Pet Partner Team:


Step 1: Train the 'Human-End' of the Leash by attending a Pet Partners Team Training Course
Step 2: Have the Health of Your Animal Partner Screened by a Veterinarian
Step 3: Have Your Human-Animal team's Skills & Aptitude Evaluated
Step 4: Submit Your Registration Application

Complete step 1 in one of the 2 formats offered:

  1. 3. Attend a workshop/seminar, where available: Attending the workshop is highly recommended. Potential Pet Partners who complete an instructor-lead Pet Partners Training Course are more likely to pass the Pet Partner Evaluation on the first attempt than those who completed only the home-study course. However, workshops/seminars are not always available in some areas.
  2. 4. Complete the home study course: The course includes a student guide with suggestions for activities that will help handlers learn the necessary skills and registration materials. You’ll need to purchase and study the Training Manual, and then continue with steps 2-4.

For more information about the Pet Partners Therapy Dog program, please visit:


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