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Claudia Sihler
Phone (907) 357-2521

1400 Regine Ave
Wasilla, Alaska  99654

Full Member


Behavior Classes
Sports Classes
Doggy Day Care Open Play Time Products

Too much going on?
Would like your dog as tired as you in the evening?

Bring your dog to our daycare 1-2x/week! While you’re at work, run errands in town, have handworkers at your home …

NEW: added Wednesdays!!!
Tuesday - Thursday
Starting at 7 a.m.

Click here for details


Bring your dog to our supervised play times in the evening. We help your dog learning social skills, no matter if your dog is just young, shy or overwhelming to other dogs. Our play times are separated by size/ temperament and safe for all approved dogs.

Click here for details

Gentle Leader ®; Premier® Stop-Slip Collar; Euro-Leads; Long Lines; Liver treats; …

Books:  training in general or specific issues: barking, house soiling, fear, unruliness …

Mushing +Skijor Equipment

Special Events

Mark your calendar for our annual Doggy Day (RDO Day)

Saturday, September 10th, 2016!

You can reserve a booth (indoors and outside) at any time, or just mark your calendar for a day filled with fun and activities!

We’ll hold the CGCA®-test during Doggy Day. The CGC®-test will be held as usual in September, with a possible additional day in February after our High School Class. For 2016, that would be Sunday, Feb 28th and Sunday, Sep 11th


All our classes run once a week for full 60 minutes, with an additional 15 minutes in between allowing for switching over. We have some classes starting every month!

We offer classes for all pet dogs, starting at 9 weeks of age. Improve your dog’s manners, using positive reward-based methods. Come to our agility or other sports classes to give your dog an outlet, no matter if you want to compete later or not.

Reward-based training works for any type of dog: assertive, shy, stubborn, active, reserved, unruly, overly smart, not so smart (they might only pretend)… Our training will improve your relationship with your dog(s) - your dog learning to respect and trust you and you becoming a better advocate for your dog’s needs.

Does Your Dog Have C.L.A.S.S.?
Practice real-life skills in our CLASS-BA Course and then test your dog to earn a Bachelor’s degree! B.A. skills include wait at the door, come and leashing up manners, loose leash walking and attention, meet and greet (people), leave it, wait for the food bowl, stay, and settle. This course is a 6-week class, with maximum 6 dogs. All exercises will be practiced in form of games and role plays, including some higher level (M.A., Ph.D.) exercises each week as well. Click here for details

Claudia & Sally - beautiful rear cross! - Photo by David Ramey

Claudia is an "Affiliate Trainer" with Animal Behavior Network

Puppy Classes

Get your puppy off to a good start with our Puppy School Package. Save on Puppy 1 & 2

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You are welcome to visit the facility any time before the class starts, to make sure you'll find it in time for your first class. You may always walk in during class times and even observe the class from the waiting area, until the instructor gets a chance to talk with you. Check the schedule for when the facility is open for classes or other events.

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